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Smart411, LLC does not sell any information to any telemarketing, direct marketing or commercial mass e-mail companies, agents or representatives. The policy prohibits the use of information contained in www.smart411.com directory database from use by third parties, such as telemarketing, direct marketing, commercial mass e-mail companies, agents or representatives and e-mail spam. While you visit our site, you may be providing certain information: a) Anonymous statistics concerning pages searched. b) Personal information that you knowingly give us. c) Anonymous statistics concerning click through ads about your visit with www.smart411.com: In an effort to provide maximum benefit to you the user, we collect information, not about you personally, but about your visit. We are constantly monitoring information such as: i) The number of visits to our site. ii) Which pages are the more popular than others are. iii) From which domains our visitors come from. iv) From which areas of the country or foreign country our visitors come from. v) Which browsers are more popular with visitors to our site. vi) What days and times of day are most active. Again, this information is not associated with you as an individual. The data contained in our database is derived from two sources: Contractual relationships with data base companies to provide information from local Yellow Page publishers, phone books, new business filings and other assorted sources. Businesses, who list, modify, update, or enhance their listings. Businesses, who advertise with category display advertisements.

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