User Help

Smart411 has been programmed to read, understand, and utilize the most common forms of words, categories, and abbreviations. Occasionally, however, a local spelling or specialty may not be accepted or recognized by the database search engine.

If you have trouble, please try:

  • Check your spelling. Misspelling is one of the most common problems when performing a search. Double-check to make sure you entered your company search information correctly.

  • Word order does not matter. For example, searching for "Domino's pizza" and "pizza Domino's" will produce the same results.

  • Avoid common words. Commonly used 'filler' words, such as "a", it", "and", "the", "by", "at", and "of", are not necessary and may narrow your search too much.

  • Leave space between words. Try searches with and without spaces if you don't know whether or not a business uses them.

  • It is not necessary to use connective words, such as "and", "or", and "not". Just enter the common name or category related to the business for which you are searching.

If this information doesn't help solve your problem, you may have performed a search for a company that is not listed in the Smart411 database. If you believe this to be true, we invite you to help us continue to refine our constantly growing database of businesses by submitting information about the business for which you are looking.

Click here to submit data about a business.

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